Custom Transformer Capabilities

ZETTLER MAGNETICS custom designs and produces power transformers for:

  • one or three phases
  • low to high power
  • frequencies of 50,60 and 400 HZ.
  • Based on the customer specifications ZETTLER MAGNETICS offers a variety of solutions utilizing numerous configurations and characteristics such as:

  • chassis mount
  • angle bracket mount
  • welded plate mount
  • printed circuit mount
  • surface mount technology
  • sealed transformers
  • high dielectric
  • low profile
  • horizontal and vertical design
  • any unique construction
  • special magnetic wire, bobbins,epoxies,tapes and insulation materials to comply with temperature and flammability requirements
  • toroidal power transformer
  • When required, the custom design component will comply with CSA,VDE and UL.

    Please contact us to start your project at or 949-360-5838 or use this custom tranformer inquiry form for custom design requests.