Zettler Magnetics

AH / ADH Series Split Bobbin Power PCB Transformers

A series of UL recognized general purpose transformers. These simple, but reliable, split bobbin transformers are offered in 115VAC or 115/230VAC configurations with series or parallel input /output wiring. Ranging from 1VA to 20VA they can be found in just about any kind of industrial control.

Key Benefits:
  • 115/230VAC input capability depending on wiring schematic
  • Industry Standard Footprint
  • Cost Effective Solution for Power Applications Up To 20VA
  • Precision pin alignment for easy drop-in application
Key Features:
  • UL recognized General Purpose (UL 5085-1 & -2) File No. E177998
  • Class B (130°C) Insulation system
  • Split Bobbin Design
  • Dielectric strength 2500 Vrms
  • 50/60Hz
  • Available in 5 Standard Sizes for a Variety of Power Requirements
Please refer to the respective Data Sheet PDF links below:
115V only 115V or 230V* Distributor Stock
1.1VA AH200 ADH200 Search
2.4VA AH300 ADH300 Search
6VA AH400 ADH400 Search
12VA AH500 ADH500 Search
20VA AH600 ADH600 Search
*Depending on input wiring configuration
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