Encapsulated Power Transformers from Zettler Magnetics: Smaller, Cooler, Cheaper

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Zettler is offering competitively priced sealed transformer solutions with Class 2 UL ratings – featuring smaller footprints and reduced heat emission for applications such as LED Lighting, Electric Metering, Motor Controls and Thermostats.

Aliso Viejo, California November 09, 2015

Engineers working on applications in LED Lighting, Electric Metering, Motor controls and Thermo Controls keep asking for transformer solutions with smaller footprints, less heat emission at lower prices, and, of course, a Class 2 UL rating.

BV Series - Encapsulated Power Transformers

Zettler Magnetics, a company with years of development experience in the design of encapsulated linear power transformers is responding to these requests with its top-of-class BV series of sealed transformers.

Zettler’s BV series encapsulated Class 2 UL rated transformers:

  • Deliver significant reduction in physical footprint compared to traditional open frame formats.
  • Have superior thermal characteristics that make them run up to 5 degrees C cooler in continuous duty, and up to 40 degrees C cooler in surge testing than previous generations, due to ultra-high winding efficiency and vacuum-sealed epoxy processes.
  • Feature an unrivaled 14kV surge withstand capability based on a patent pending Zettler split-bobbin design.
  • Provide minimized EMI noise without the added cost of a shield, as a result of proprietary assembly methods employed at Zettler Group’s China wholly owned manufacturing facilities.

With output loads ranging from 0.6-10VA, Zettler Magnetics’ BV series is perfect for a wide range of products including thermostats, lighting controls, and oxygen concentrators. Dielectric strength is 4200Vrms, and external insulation is optional for increased dielectric withstand between the component and the PCB. Zettler BV transformers are also ideally suited for the alternative energy market – Solar inverters and smart grid meters are just two possible applications.

Zettler’s highly automated production lines makes the BV series price competitive when compared to similarly-sized open frame models. BV series pricing starts under $1.00 in 10K quantities.

Samples are available on request. For more information, please visit our BV series webpage at /encapsulated-power