Zettler Magnetics High Frequency Switching Transformers in 3 phase EV Charging Systems.

Application Spotlight September 2019

Zettler Magnetics develops a high-frequency transformer for e-mobility market

The expansion of the electromobility market has provided consumers with choice in EV cars ranging in battery size and range.  Vehicles with larger battery sizes like the Tesla Model S provide users with over 300 miles of range, meaning a single charge can last an entire week for most users.  Other vehicles like the Nissan Leaf or Hyundai Ioniq provide less than half the range and charge times meaning some users could expect more frequent charges. When limited to 7kW single phase charging systems, the longer charge times force users to carefully manage their charging and travel times.The availability of 3 phase EV supply equipment (EVSE) simplifies the user experience by providing faster charge times ranging from roughly half the charge time for a 11kW EVSE to a third of the charge time for a 22kW EVSE.

high-frequency transformerA leading manufacturer in charging infrastructure approached ZETTLER Magnetics in need of a high-frequency transformer for its internal switch mode power supply (SMPS). The challenge for the engineers at ZETTLER was to develop a high-efficiency switching transformer for high input voltages up to 400VAC in a new 3-phase EV charging cable. ZETTLER Magnetics met these challenges with a custom designed high frequency switching transformer, providing for the smallest possible space while also complying with common UL and IEC61558 standards.

ZETTLER Magnetics manufactures more than 40 million switching transformers each year to support a diverse range of applications from washing machines and kitchen appliances to Lighting and IoT. Please contact us with any of your switching transformer needs and/or visit the ZETTLER Magnetics website www.zettlermagnetics.com for further details.

ZETTLER Magnetics Inc. is not affiliated with or endorses any of the electric vehicle brands/models mentioned above, and makes no representations whatsoever to their performance parameters or on-road performance.Their mention in this application spotlight is purely for educational purposes.